A Streetcar Named Desire- Context

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Edexcel A Level English Language and Literature: A Streetcar Named Desire- Context. This mind map includes contextual information linked to Tennessee Williams' play, A Streetcar Named Desire, such as historical, social, cultural and personal context. For more Streetcar resources, and a context quiz, click on the paperclip icons on the red branches.

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A Streetcar Named Desire- Context
1 The Great Depression
1.1 1930s- just before the play- American Dream
1.1.1 Men had to work for their fortune Stanley
1.2 Had to quit his studies due to Depression
1.3 High unemployment and debt
1.4 Upper class distrusted by lower classes
2 New Orleans
2.1 Famous for its acceptance and diversity
2.2 Jazz and homosexuality were better tolerated here
2.3 Louisiana
2.3.1 The South Old South Southern Belle Williams' mother Innocent and moral Believed in courtship What Blanche strives for but is actually quite different from Sexually promiscuous New South Stanley Immigrant Opposes gentlemanly nature of Old South Industrialisation Ended slavery and promoted equality Against traditional values which Blanche believed in
2.4 American Civil War
2.4.1 1861-65
2.4.2 Slavery abolished in 1865
2.4.3 South were defeated by North
3 Williams' family life
3.1 Sister Rose believed to have schizophrenia
3.1.1 Had pre-frontal lobotomy that Tennessee opposed Left in vegetative state Blamed his parents
3.2 Homosexuality
3.2.1 Williams was gay, something opposed at the time Like Blanche, his sexuality was viewed in a negative light (she was promiscuous, he was gay) Like Blanche's husband He was gay and killed himself because of it
3.3 Got nickname 'Tennessee' from being teased for his thick accent
3.3.1 Born 'Thomas' in Mississipi
3.4 Father was an aggressive alcoholic
3.4.1 Stanley
4 WW2
4.1 Stanley fought in war
4.1.1 High levels of aggression
4.2 Women had more responsibility during the war which they lost as soon as the men returned
4.2.1 Became housewives again Very monotonous Had babies Like Stella Baby boom from end of war into the 1950s
4.3 Blanche had affairs with young soldiers
5 The play was first performed in 1947 and was made a film shortly after
6 Links to other Streetcar resources- click the paperclip icon to view
6.1 Names


6.5 Question structure


6.6 Scene summaries


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