Cobit 5 Principles

Shahira Salehin
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Mind Map on Cobit 5 Principles, created by Shahira Salehin on 10/29/2018.

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Shahira Salehin
Created by Shahira Salehin about 1 year ago
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Cobit 5 Principles
1 1. Meeting stakeholder needs
1.1 Stakeholder Value
1.1.1 - it drives governance objective to create value through: Benefits realization, Risk optimization, Resource optimization
1.2 Goals Cascade
1.2.1 - translate stakeholder needs into specific, actionable and customised goals
1.3 COB:IT 5 Enterprise Goals
1.3.1 Financial
1.3.2 Customer
1.3.3 Internal
1.3.4 Learning & Growth
2 2. Covering the Enterprise End-to-End
3 3. Applying a Single Integrated Framework
3.1 allows enterprise to use Cobit 5 as the overarching governance and management framework intergrator
3.2 ISACA plans a capability to facilitate the COBIT user mapping of practices and activities to third party references
4 4. Enabling a Holistic Approach
4.1 A set of enablers to support the implementation of a comprehensive governance and management system for enterprise IT
5 5. Separating Governance From Management