Study Success

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Study Success
1 Obsticles
1.1 parenting
1.1.1 taxi duties
1.1.2 emotional support
1.1.3 physical support
1.1.4 keeping in touch
1.1.5 financial support
1.1.6 family politics
1.2 employment
1.2.1 need for money
1.2.2 social outlet
1.2.3 career growth
1.3 procrastination
1.3.1 tv
1.3.2 window shopping
1.3.3 visiting friends
1.3.4 chatting on the phone
1.3.5 searchin the net
1.3.6 lazing in bed
2 Study Plan
2.1 health / welfare
2.1.1 stress management talk therapy yoga walking dog time out guided meditation Youtube
2.1.2 good diet
2.1.3 Sleep Routine
2.1.4 regular healthy drinks
2.1.5 excercise
3 Making Notes
3.1 organise
3.1.1 use filing system
3.1.2 label
3.1.3 keep notes clear
3.1.4 allow space for correction and additions
3.1.5 make note of where information came from
3.1.6 referencing
3.1.7 keep a diary
3.1.8 stay ahead
4 Time Management
4.1 calendar
4.1.1 family commitment dates birthdays holidays family time family support school support
4.1.2 daily activities work walking the dog phone friends / family school run study
4.1.3 weekly actovivities shopping study night out with the girls visit to Sydeny to see my boys
4.1.4 study commitments Tuesday On-Campus allotted weekly time for each module important study dates assessment dates on line support activites study buddy get together
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