Cultural Deprivation

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How cultural deprivation causes working class pupils to underachieve.

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Cultural Deprivation


  • Cultural Deprivation - the theory that many working-class and black children are inadequately socialized and therefore lack of the 'right' culture needed for educational success; e.g. their families do not instill the value of deferred gratification.
1 Restricted Code
1.1 Basil Bernstein
1.2 Success relies on communication
1.2.1 The ability to think
1.2.2 The ability to communicate Interviews
1.2.3 The ability to understand
2 Lack of parental support in education
2.1 Socialized so that they have less value for education
2.1.1 Less ambition
2.1.2 Given less encouragement by parents
2.1.3 JWB Douglas
2.2 Attendance at parents evenings
2.3 Feinstein
3 Parents lack education
3.1 Less likely to have qualifications
3.2 Not as confident
3.2.1 Advising child
3.2.2 Communicating with school
3.2.3 Understanding the education system
4 Subculture with a negative attitude to school and education
4.1 Soda and Mayo
4.1.1 Claim earlier studies still apply Hyman "...the lower class individual doesn't want much success, knows he couldn't get it even if he wanted it and doesn't want what might help him get success." Walter Miller Barry Sugarman
4.2 Perry and Francis
5 No stimulating home environment
5.1 Lack of trips
5.1.1 Outside immediate area
5.1.2 Zoos/Galleries etc.
5.1.3 London Institute of Education
5.2 Lack of educational toys
5.2.1 Bernstein and Young
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