RE Topic 1 - Relationships

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RE Topic 1 - Relationships
1 Key Words
1.1 Chastity
1.1.1 Not having sex before marriage e.g. because sex is a gift from God
1.2 Conflict
1.2.1 Working against each other rather than together e.g. a religious believer would try to avoid this because Jesus said that Divorce is wrong.
1.3 Reconciliation
1.3.1 Saying sorry, making up and starting again e.g. a religious couple may seek counseling before divorce
1.4 Love
1.4.1 A strong bond between people e.g. agape may be important because Jesus said 'Love thy neighbour'.
1.5 Responsibility
1.5.1 A duty e.g. looking after parents when they get old.
1.6 Commitment
1.6.1 Being devoted and keeping promises e.g. keeping wedding vows
2 Divorce
2.1 Muslims
2.1.1 allowed to divorce
2.1.2 divorce is a last resort 'of all things that are permitted Divorce is the most hated by Allah.'
2.1.3 Mahr must be paid before divorce is finalised
2.2 Christians
2.2.1 Catholics divorce is not allowed at all divorced Catholic would not be allowed to take Communion or remarry in Church Therefore any other sexual relationships are adultery
2.2.2 divorce is to be avoided wedding vows were made in the presence of God Jesus said divorce is wrong
2.2.3 Some vicars will allow divorced people to remarry in Church under certain conditions
3 Marriage
3.1 Christianity
3.2 Islam
3.2.1 An amount of money or jewellery is paid by the groom's family (the Mahr). ensures financial stability of the bride if anything happens to the husband
3.2.2 Ceremony involves recitation of Ayahs Shows that the marriage is sanctioned by Allah
3.2.3 Vows are exchanged Outlines the contract between the two families and the responsibilities of the bride and groom
3.2.4 Contract (Nikah) is signed in front of witnesses Makes the marriage legally binding
4 Sex before marriage
4.1 Christians
4.1.1 Sex outside of marriage may be seen as wrong because the Ten Commandments say 'Thou shalt not commit adultery'. St Paul also states that sex should be within marriage
4.1.2 More liberal Christians would allow sex outside of marriage if it is in a long-term committed relationship Promiscuity is seen as a 'sin of the body' and a devaluation of God's gift of sex
4.2 Muslims
4.2.1 Sex is an act of worship Devalued if not within marriage
4.2.2 Sex outside of marriage shows a lack of respect for Allah and the partner you will eventually marry
5 Contraception
5.1 Muslims
5.1.1 Only to be used as a temporary measure Permanent methods are rarely used Couples are expected to have children
5.1.2 Should only be used within marriage and not as an aid to promiscuity
5.2 Christians
5.2.1 Catholics No artificial methods of contraception are allowed God told people to 'have many children'. Natural methods such as withdrawal and rhythm are allowed
5.2.2 Could be a way of making sure children are loved and wanted
5.2.3 Contraception could be 'Good Stewardship'
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