Our Story

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We create a common story that we will code up with robots or unplugged

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Our Story
1 An alien that can change its shape, colour, transform into anything it would like to whenever he lands on a place
1.1 Characters
1.1.1 The alien can meet other characters who help him in his quest
1.1.2 A Bee-bot who helps Scottie in his journey (Alina's suggestion)
2 Obstacles the character meets
2.1 Go through a tunnel
2.2 Go over a bridge
2.3 Crash a cup tower
2.4 Go around a huge tree
2.5 jump up to an elevated field (e.g. a hill)
3 Objects to collect:
3.1 souvenirs
3.2 A Christmas present: it contains the digital postcard we made for the pupils of the country the alien will visit next. We can print out the card and tell the kids that the alien brought it to them. It's like Santa Alien.
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