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GCSE Geography Mind Map on GEOGRAPHY PAPER 1, created by Emma Whiteford on 11/19/2018.
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Emma Whiteford
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    1. Urbanisation trends
      1. why is most of future growth of cities likely to be in the developing world?
        1. Natural Increase : birth rate is higher than death rate
          1. Rural to urban migration : people moving from countryside to cities.
        2. megacities
          1. DEFINITIONS
            1. Megacity: a city with other 10 million people
              1. conurbation: when 2 or more cities merge together
                1. World city : cities which have political and economical importance
                  1. primate city : largest city in a country or region
                    1. Urban primacy : urban areas with global importance and influence which is greater than their size
                    2. informal sector
                      1. Informal Sector : unofficial economy. People don't have contracts or employment right.
                    3. MUMBAI
                      1. INTRODUCTION
                        1. Near the arabian sea for trade
                          1. easily accessable from different areas in India
                            1. Mumbai's site attracted the first people to live here becoming an issue because it is difficult to expand due to the Arabian sea
                              1. Mumbai's connectivity has fuelled the growth of its economy and population because the railway connects parts of Mumbai together and is easy for the population to move to Mumbai. The railway has also helped commuters to travel in and out the city each day. The port has also helped Mumbai to help with trade.
                                1. mumbai is a megacity and a world city
                                2. Natural increase and rural to urban migration has caused mumbai to grow rapidly.
                                  1. migrants are usually young (20-30 years) looking for work. They usually stay in Mumbai and once married start families. Mumbai's natural increase has increased 1.4% per year.
                                    1. rural areas have few jobs other than agricultural. new farming techniques also mean fewer farmers are required. factors like these help to 'push' them away towards Mumbai.
                                    2. WHY WOULD PEOPLE MOVE TO MUMBAI?
                                      1. Job opportunites
                                        1. high expectations
                                          1. better connected
                                            1. closer/better health care
                                              1. better education - 95% literacy rate - 8% higher than average
                                              2. WHY DOES QUALITY OF LIFE VARY IN THE SLUMS? DHARAVI
                                                1. OPPORTUNITES
                                                  1. 85% employment rate
                                                    1. recycling - (80%) of plastic
                                                      1. 'rag pickers' are needed to collect this plastic which gives jobs and more employment to people. They sell the rubbish to dealers for 2p each
                                                      2. some opportunities for wealth
                                                      3. CHALLENGES
                                                        1. unhygienic
                                                          1. embarassment
                                                            1. diseases and illnesses
                                                              1. lots of hours - informal work
                                                                1. low pay
                                                                  1. children have to work
                                                                    1. CHALLENGES CAUSES BY POPULATION GROWTH
                                                                      1. not much available space in education
                                                                        1. human waste
                                                                          1. pollution
                                                                          2. housing is low
                                                                            1. competition for houses
                                                                              1. unaffordable housing
                                                                                1. re-development
                                                                              2. living enviroments
                                                                                1. employment is low
                                                                                  1. people moving to informal work
                                                                                  2. healthcare is low
                                                                              3. STRATEGIES FOR IMPROVING QUALITY OF LIFE
                                                                                1. TOP-DOWN STRATEGY
                                                                                  1. big, expensive infrastructure projects managed and imposed by goverment.
                                                                                  2. BOTTOM-UP STRATEGY
                                                                                    1. opposite to top-down strategy. non governmental organisations (NGO's) work with local residents to come up with community based solutions to quality of life challenges.
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