Computer Standards

Joe Farnworth-Mayers
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Joe Farnworth-Mayers
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A mind map on the main computer software standards

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Computer Standards
1 Proprietary
1.1 Maintained by one company
1.2 Looks and feels familiar to use
1.3 Works in a predictable way
2 De Facto
2.1 Develops through common usage
2.1.1 HTML started as a de facto standard
2.2 Simply the accepted way of doing things
3 Industry
3.1 Are agreed accross the entire computing industry
3.2 Many of them are hardware related and require the interconnection of devices.
3.2.1 USB is an example of this
4 Open
4.1 Standards which are publicly available.
4.1.1 HTML
4.1.2 TCP/IP: how data is sent across the internet
4.2 High quality software due to large community of fixers.
4.3 Source code is publicly available.
4.3.1 Anyone can edit it
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