Christchurch Earthquakes
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Christchurch Earthquakes
1 Cultural Effects
1.1 Business
1.1.1 Damage to buildings has reduced productive capacity of numerous companies e.g. power companies
1.1.2 Change in demand. e.g. less clients, more housing demands
1.1.3 2.5% drop in operating businesses
1.1.4 37,000 business locations within the Chch area
1.1.5 Painting and decoration locations up 37.5%
1.2 Tourism
1.2.1 Canterbury tourism lost $230 million because of the earthquake
1.2.2 3/4 of Canterbury tourist firms have had a drop in visitors
1.2.3 52% of tourist businesses said their revenue had fallen
1.3 More cultural effects
1.3.1 Insurance 70,000 people had to leave $2.75 - $3.5 billion worth in estimated claims.
2 Environmental Effects
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