A Streetcar named Desire

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Polytechnic Understanding Drama (A Streetcar named Desire) Mind Map on A Streetcar named Desire, created by Jean Ong on 11/11/2014.

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A Streetcar named Desire
1 When
1.1 May 1st, evening
2 Where
2.1 Elysian Fields, New Orleans
2.1.1 A two-story corner building on a street runs between the L & N tracks and the river rickety outside stairs and galleries Building contains two flats, upstairs and down. Faded white stairs ascend to the entrances of both. white frame, weather gray house quaintly ornamented gables
3 Atmosphere
3.1 Lively
3.1.1 Beginning of Scene 1, before the appearance of Blanche
3.2 Tense
4 Mood
5 Characters
5.1 Blanche
5.1.1 Former teacher I'm an old maid schoolteacher "...So Mr. Graves--Mr. Graves is the high school superintendent--he suggested I take a leave of absence."
5.1.2 Lost all of her properties moves into Stella & Stanley's house
5.1.3 Widowed
5.1.4 Sisters
5.1.5 lost Belle Reve (Mississippi)
5.1.6 Mentally ill She tries to run away - unable to accept that it is the doctor and matron instead of the Dallas man Scene 11: "Doc, you better go in." During the preceding scenes, the Matron catches hold of Blanche's arm and prevents her flight. Blanche turns wildly and scratches at the Matron. The heavy woman pinions her arms. Blanche cries out hoarsely and slips to her knees. I was on the verge of--lunacy, almost! She thinks that she is not a lunatic. Emphasis on the word "verge" and "almost"
5.1.7 a "tiger" Scene 10: "Tiger--tiger! ..." has traits of a tiger?
5.2 Stanley
5.2.1 Polish
5.2.2 Married
5.2.3 Bowling/ Poker Mitch Takes care of his sick mother single Steve Married Eunice lives in a upstairs flat lives in a two-room downstairs flat Two rooms can be seen, not too clearly defined. The one first entered is primarily a kitchen but contains a folding bed to be used by Blanche. The room beyond this is a bedroom. Off this room is a narrow door to a bathroom. "She's got the downstairs here and I got the up." Pablo
5.3 Stella
5.3.2 Pregnant
5.3.3 Sisters
5.3.4 left
6 Plot
6.1 Rising Action
6.2 Initial Incident
6.2.1 Stella is hospitalised with a baby Scene 10: "The baby won't come before morning so they told me to go home and get a little shuteye."
6.2.2 Stenley and Blanche are alone at his flat. Scene 10: "Yep. Just me and you, Blanche."
6.2.3 Stanley thinks that Blanche is out to swindle him and Stella of their properties. Scene 2: "All right, I'll wait till she gets through soaking in a hot tub and then I'll inquire if she is acquainted with the Napoleonic code. It looks to me like you have been swindled, baby, and when you're swindled under the Napoleonic code I'm swindled too. And I don't like to be swindled."
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