Present Progressive

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Present Progressive
  1. USE
    1. In English, present progressive can be used to describe what is happening now, or what will happen in the future.
      1. Negatives
          1. Noun
            1. HOmer
            2. Be + NOT + V(ing)
              1. is not eating
              2. D/I Object
                1. a hamburguer
            3. Affirmatives
                1. Noun
                  1. Homer
                  2. BE + Verb(ing)
                    1. is eating
                    2. D/I Object
                      1. a hamburguer
                  3. Interrrogative
                      1. BE
                        1. Is
                        2. Subject
                          1. Homer
                          2. Verb(ing)
                            1. eating
                            2. D/I Object
                              1. a hamburguer?
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