Continuity of Carer Before, During and After Childbirth

Melissa Leal
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Mind Map on Continuity of Carer Before, During and After Childbirth, created by Melissa Leal on 01/09/2019.

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Continuity of Carer Before, During and After Childbirth
1 Health professional's role
1.1 Provide woman-centred care
1.1.1 Cultural safety
1.2 Gain trust, build relationship
1.2.1 Empower women, give choices and info
1.2.2 Increase likelihood of woman acting on advice
1.3 Increase Quality of Provider Interactions? QPI
1.3.1 Prevent birth trauma
1.4 Define continuity of carer
2 Outcomes
2.1 Pregnancy
2.1.1 Improve access
2.2 Labour
2.2.1 Pain relief? Lower epidural rates
2.2.2 Chatecholemines, feeling of safety
2.2.3 Lower intervention rate
2.3 Postnatal
2.3.1 Mental health Postnatal depression
2.4 Reduce maternal stress levels
2.4.1 Explain how/why this occurs
3 Benefits
3.1 Maternal experience
3.2 Safer care as women are known to carer
3.3 Increase normal processes of birth
3.4 Reduce inequality
3.5 Effective care
4 Risk level of pregnancy?
4.1 Improve safety and outcomes for high risk
5 link outcomes to model
6 Evidence based practice
6.1 Larger scale research/consensus
7 Discuss limitations of paper, focus on most important aspects
8 Model of care - caseload
8.1 research individual needs
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