Why did WW1 Break Out?

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Why did WW1 Break Out?
1 Immediate - Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
1.1 Spark that started war
1.2 Sarajevo - Bosnia
1.2.1 Taken over by Austria-Hungary in 1908
1.3 Inspecting Military with Wife Sophie (pregnant)
1.4 Wore 7 badges and bulletproof vest for luck
1.5 Third assassin threw a bomb but forgot about timer.
1.5.1 Tried to kill himself in shallow river
1.6 Car turned wrong way, Gavrilo Princip killed both Sophie, and Ferdinand
2 Long Term - Economic Rivalry
2.1 Germany and Britain
2.1.1 Germany had rapid industrialisation, products rivalled with Britain's.
2.1.2 Britain introduced Dreadnought and then Germany copied. Britains Economic strength failing. USA and Germany's selling of steel and coal.
2.2 France and Germany
2.2.1 France had to import coal from other countries as Germany took Alsace-Lorraine
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