Operating Systems (OS)

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Operating Systems (OS)
1 Defintion
1.1 Collection of programs that control the system hardware resources
1.2 Acts as a common programming layer between hardware and the user
1.2.1 This extracts complexity of hardware away from the user Perfroms all the technical complex parts of running a computer with you just doing a very simplified version
1.3 Controls communication to the peripherals devices
1.3.1 Speakers
1.3.2 Secondary Storages HDD SDD
1.3.3 Microphones
2 Resource Manager
2.1 Manages and allocates resources of the computer to allow multitasking
2.2 Tasks compete for resources e.g. processor time, memory – the OS allocates resources to these processes.
3 Security Handling
3.1 On multi-users system, it allows users with correct permissions to access resources.
3.2 Allows safe file sharing as required
3.3 Stops other users reading your files
4 Client
4.1 Allows user access to word, excel
4.2 Examples
4.2.1 Windows OS
4.2.2 Linux
4.2.3 Mac OS
5 Server
5.1 Dedicated computer for other computers to access
5.2 Can host
5.2.1 Files
5.2.2 Gaming
5.2.3 Streaming movies, music etc.
5.3 Windows server, Mac server, Linux (raspberry pie)
6 Features of a GUI (Graphical User Interface)
6.1 WIMP
6.1.1 Windows
6.1.2 Icons
6.1.3 Menus
6.1.4 Pointers
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