Roles of Gods

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Roles of Gods
1 Ino
1.1 She gives him useful advice and the veil to help him swim/ prevent him from drowning after Poseidon destroys his raft
2 Hermes
2.1 Goes to Ogiogia To order Calypso to free Odysseus
2.2 Sends the spirits of the dead to the underword
2.3 Gives Oysseus the drug on Aeolia which allowed him to resist Circe
3 Athene
3.1 Odysseus patron godess
3.2 Petitions Zeus Asking him to send Hermes to Calypso's island
3.3 Phaecians
3.3.1 Enhances his beauty in front of Nausicaa
3.3.2 Enhances status by referring to how far Odysseus has thrown the discus
3.3.3 Nausicaa Provides the branch that Odysseus hides under before meeting Nausicaa Influences the dream that leads Nausicaa to be in the correct place at the correct time
3.3.4 Disguises herself as a young girl to give Odysseus directions to the palace
3.3.5 She casts a mist over Odysseus so that he is not seen and offended by the questions that he may be asked
3.4 Frequently visited Telemacus to give him news of his father
3.4.1 Visits him in disguise as Mentes to encourage him to mature
3.5 Calms a storm that Zeus created to save odysseus
3.6 Disguises Odysseus as a beggar so that nobody will know his true idenitity
4 Zeus
4.1 Helps Odysseus when he visits the underworld and manages to escape
4.2 Orders Hermes to go to Calypso
4.3 Hides Odysseus from Scylla's six heads
4.4 Creates the storm that kills Odysseus' men
4.4.1 He controls everything that happens in the Odyssey even though is is not physically involved
5 Poseidon
5.1 Curses Odysseus for blinding Polyphemus
5.2 He is the nemesis of Odysseus
5.3 He turns the Phaecian ship to stone which carried Odysseus on his final journey home
6 Aeolus
6.1 Is a good host
6.2 Provides odysseus with a bag full of the winds to help him on his journey
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