Sentences Types

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Mind Map on Sentences Types, created by Hannah McCormick on 11/18/2014.

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Sentences Types
1 Imperative Sentences
1.1 direct instructions
1.2 Sit down now
2 Declarative Sentences
2.1 State a fact
2.2 point of veiw
2.3 piece of imformation
2.4 I like your jacket
3 Exclamative Sentences
3.1 express a strong reaction from writer or speaker
3.2 what a mess
4 Interrogative Sentences
4.1 request or seek information
4.2 Are you ready ?
5 Lengths
5.1 Simple
5.1.1 one main clause and 1 verb
5.2 Complex
5.2.1 at least one main clause and a subordinate clause
5.3 Compound
5.3.1 only one main clause, linked by words such as 'and' , 'but' or 'or'
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