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1 eruptions
1.1 first on July 1995
1.2 biggest on the 25th of July
1.3 is still having after shocks but has calmed down
2 Effects
2.1 lava flows destroyed many homes and bramble airport
2.2 lahar flows were created
2.2.1 a mixture of mud and ash to form a mudy substance
2.3 the ash created minerals which made the land fertile
2.4 unemployment rose due to collapse of tourism
3 Responses
3.1 All people in the immediate area where evacuated
3.1.1 later an exclusion zone was set up
3.2 an observatory tower was put up
3.3 more services were set up in the north
3.4 better roads built in the north
3.4.1 new airport was built in the north
4 what it is like today
4.1 Montserrat has calmed down a lot know with only small after shocks
4.2 new tourist attractions have been put up.
4.2.1 tours horse riding and a football stadium sponsored by Fifa.
5 causes
5.1 Atlantic plate boundary rubbed with the American plate
5.1.1 destructive plate boundary

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