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Interview Techniques


employability skills Mind Map on Interview Techniques, created by Linda (tutor) on 08/15/2013.
Linda (tutor)
Mind Map by Linda (tutor), updated more than 1 year ago
Linda (tutor)
Created by Linda (tutor) about 9 years ago

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Interview Techniques
  1. Situation
    1. Where were you?
      1. Work
        1. Education
          1. Volunteering
        2. Task
          1. What were you doing?
            1. Describe the task
          2. Action
            1. How did you carry out the task?
              1. What steps did you take
            2. Result
              1. What was the outcome?
                1. Was the task achieved successfully?
                  1. What did you learn from carrying out the task?
                    1. Evaluate the task
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