Emily Dickinson's Writing Style

Yuliana Petriv-Shaw
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Yuliana Petriv-Shaw
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A-Level English Literature Mind Map on Emily Dickinson's Writing Style, created by Yuliana Petriv-Shaw on 11/22/2014.

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Emily Dickinson's Writing Style
  1. Colloquial and elevated language juxtaposed
    1. Contradictions/Oxymorons
      1. Synathesia
        1. Irregularity
          1. Unpredictable and jarring rythmns
            1. Inverted language
              1. Riddle qualities
                1. Omitted and auxiliary verbs
                  1. Compression/Aphoristic
                    1. Concludes sentences or clauses with verbs, disrupting the balance of the lines.
                      1. Surprising, subversive use of common ballad (hymnal quatrain)
                        1. Ambigious speaker
                          1. Unconventional punctuation-dash
                            1. Puzzling Syntax
                              1. Capitalisation of random words
                                1. Use of nouns as verbs
                                  1. Perplexing meter
                                    1. Adj., verbs and adverbs used as nouns
                                      1. Slant rhymes
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