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Mind Map on Droughts, created by Fraser Sanders on 11/23/2014.

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1 A drought is a prolonged period with little or no rainfall. A drought becomes a hazard when people, agriculture or industry are affected
2 How do humans make drought worse?
2.1 Deforestation
2.1.1 Means less evapotranspiration , fewer clouds , less rain and more soil erosion
2.2 Overgrazing
2.2.1 Less grass , more soil erosion
2.2.2 Lack of water, minerals and nutrients
3 Irrigation for crops means less water for other uses.
3.1 Need soil to be in good condition so that the land is fertile.
3.1.1 This also prevents flooding
4 Poor water management
4.1 Leaving tap on while brushing teeth
4.2 Golf courses using vast quantities of water
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