Compensation CMS Chapter 1

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Compensation CMS Chapter 1
1 5 Major Stakeholders
1.1 Societal
1.2 Stockholders
1.3 Managers
1.4 Employees
1.5 Global
2 Total Rewards
2.1 Relational Returns
2.1.1 Recognition and Status
2.1.2 Employment Security
2.1.3 Challenging Work
2.1.4 Learning Opportunities
2.2 Total Compensation
2.2.1 Benefits Life, Health, Disability Insurance Work/Life Programs Allowances
2.2.2 Cash Compensation Base Pay Merit/Cost of Living Short-Term Incentives Long Term Incentives
2.2.3 Steps In Developing Total Strategy Assess Total Compensation Implications Decide on a Total Compensation Strategy Impliment Strategy ReAssess Fit
3 Strategic Policies
3.1 Internal Alignment
3.2 External Alignment
3.3 Employee Contributions
3.4 Management
4 Strategic objectives
4.1 Efficiency
4.1.1 Improving performance, quality, satisfaction
4.1.2 Control Labour Cost
4.2 Fairness
4.2.1 Recognizing Employee Contributions
4.2.2 Recognizing Employees Needs
4.3 Compliance
5 Pay Model
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