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A summary of the Motivation at work chapter of the Edexcel IGCSE Business Studies Syllabus

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  1. What is motivation? Why is it important?
    1. Motivation is the desire to achieve a goal
      1. Benefit to a business of a well motivated workforce
        1. Less Staff Absent
          1. Higher production
            1. More innovation
              1. Lower staff turnover
                1. Nice working environment
                  1. More co-operation
                2. Herzberg Two-Factor Theory
                  1. Hygiene Factors
                    1. Pay Working Conditions Job Security Quality of Supervision Staff Relations Company Policy
                    2. Motivators
                      1. Achieving Aims Chance of Promotions Responsibility Interesting Work Recognition Personal Development
                      2. Hertzberg said:
                        1. If hygiene factors are not satisfied it can leave employees dissatisfied
                          1. When motivators are met they will give employees job satisfaction
                        2. Maslow's Hierarch of Needs
                            1. Self-Actualisation
                              1. Esteem
                                1. Love & Belonging
                                  1. Safety & Security
                                    1. Physiological
                                      1. Maslow said:
                                        1. Once one set of needs have been satisfied that they are no longer motivators
                                          1. Lower needs must be satisfied in order for higher needs to become motivators
                                            1. If a business fails to meet a set of needs an employee will not be motivated or satisfied with their job
                                          2. How can a business motivate?
                                            1. They have to satisfy the following needs:
                                              1. Physiological Needs
                                                1. Humans have basic needs such as water,food, shelter, clothes etc.
                                                  1. Work should provide the means (Money) to satisfy thoese nececities
                                                2. Social Needs
                                                  1. People have social requirements that include making friends, communicating and working in a team
                                                    1. Work should provide oppertunities to satisfy these needs
                                                  2. Other Needs
                                                    1. People also have higher needs that include the desire to be respected and recognised, some employees wish to be stretched to their full potential.
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