Heathcliff, Chapters 1-9

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Key quotes about Heathcliff in chapters 1-9 of Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

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Heathcliff, Chapters 1-9
1 Chapter 1
1.1 "A capital fellow!" - Lockwood
1.2 "Black eyes withdraw so suspiciously under their brows"
1.3 "His fingers sheltered themselves, with jealous resolution, still further in his waistcoat"
1.4 "Closed teeth"
1.5 "Exaggeratedly reserved"
1.6 "A dark-skinned gypsy in aspect, in dress and manners a gentleman"
1.7 "Erect and handsome figure"
2 Chapter 2
2.1 "I no longer felt inclined to call Heathcliff a capital fellow"
2.2 "Stern voice"
2.3 "A stranger is a stranger, be he rich or poor: it will not suit me to permit anyone the range of the place while I am off guard!"
2.4 "Unmannerly wretch"
2.5 "His accidental merriment expiring quickly in his habitual moroseness"
3 Chapter 3
3.1 "Poor Heathcliff" - Catherine
3.2 "Vagabond" - Hindley
3.3 Hindley will "reduce him to his right place"
3.4 "His face as white as the wall behind him"
3.5 "His agitation was so extreme"
3.6 "Thundered"
3.7 "Savage vehemence"
3.8 "An excess of violent emotion"
3.9 "He struck his forehead with rage"
3.10 "Uncontrollable passion of tears"
4 Chapter 4
4.1 "Alone in the world"
4.2 "Rough as a saw-edge, and hard as a whinstone!"
4.3 "It's a cuckoo's, sir"
4.4 "Where he was born, and who were his parents, and how he got his money" - What Nelly doesn't know
4.5 "It's as dark almost as if it came from the devil"
4.6 "Dirty, ragged, black-haired child"
4.7 "Gibberish"
4.8 "Gipsy brat"
4.9 "Name of a son who died"
4.10 "Sullen, patient child"
4.11 "Poor, fatherless child" - Mr. Earnshaw
4.11.1 "Lamb"
4.12 "Imp of Satan"
5 Chapter 5
5.1 "Pride and black tempers"
5.2 "The boy would do her bidding in anything"
5.3 "Lying on the floor with his head in her lap"
5.4 "The little souls were comforting each other"
6 Chapter 6
6.1 "Promised fair to grow up rude as savages"
6.2 "I'd not exchange, not for a thousand lives, my condition here, for Edgar Linton's at Thrushcross Grange"
6.3 "Villain"
6.4 "Frightful thing" - Isabella
6.5 "A little Lascar, or an American or Spanish castaway"
6.6 "A wicked boy"
6.7 "Unfit for a decent house"
7 Chapter 7
7.1 "How very black and cross you look!"
7.2 "Shame and pride threw double gloom over his countenance"
7.3 "I shall not stand to be laughed at"
7.4 "I like to be dirty, and I will be dirty"
7.5 "Naughty swearing boy"
7.6 "Having screwed up his courage"
7.6.1 "Make me decent"
7.7 "Proud heart"
7.8 "You are taller and twice as broad" than Linton
7.9 Eyebrows like "devil's spies"
7.10 "Vicious cur"
7.11 "Hates all the world"
7.12 "Fit for a prince in disguise"
7.13 "Vagabond"
7.14 "It's like a colt's mane over his eyes!"
8 Chapter 8
8.1 "Delighted to witness Hindley degrading himself"
8.2 "Possessed of something diabolical"
8.3 "Vulgar young ruffian"
8.4 "Worse than a brute"
8.5 "Personal appearance sympathised with mental deterioration"
8.6 "Slouching gait"
8.7 "Ignoble look"
8.8 "Unsociable moroseness"
8.9 "Bleak hilly coal country"
9 Chapter 9
9.1 "Natural impulse"
9.2 "Smashing Hareton's skull on the steps"
9.3 "Steal out noiselessly"
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