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Mark's Gospel
1 Baptism of Jesus. (MK 1:9-11)
1.1 - Jesus was baptised in the River Jordan. He was baptised by John the Baptist. The heavens opened and the Holy Spirit came down in the for of a Dove. A voice came from Heaven and said: "You are my son whom I love and I am well pleased"
1.2 The Trinity is present at the Baptism
1.3 It was the first time that God the father acknowledged Jesus as his son and gave him reassurance and courage to carry on his Good News, knowing that God approves.
2 The Transfiguration (MK 9:2-8)
2.1 Jesus is 'transfigured'. He is changed into "dazzling white". This symbolises his purity and closeness to God.
2.2 They went up a mountain - again to show closeness to God - (possibly meaning that Jesus is God.)
2.3 A Voice from Heaven says: "This is my Son, Whom I love. Listen to him!". This is the second time God acknowledges Jesus as his Son.
2.4 Prophet
2.4.1 Elijah: Prophet who predicted about Jesus being the Messiah/Son of God
2.4.2 Moses: The Law giver as he was given 10 commandments
3 Miracles: In Marks Gospel there are 2 types of miracles....
3.1 Nature miracles: These involve things to do with Nature
3.1.1 E.g. The Calming of the Storm
3.1.2 E.g. The feeding of the Five Thousand
3.2 Healing Miracles: These involve people being healed of an illness or their sins,
3.2.1 E.g. The Paralysed Man (The Man is healed of both..)
4 The Paralyesed Man (MK 2:1-12)
4.1 4 men arrived where Jesus was preaching. They had their paralysed friend with them. They could not fit it in so they made a hole in the roof. Seeing all of their faith - Jesus said to the paralysed man: "My Son your sins are forgiven".
4.1.1 The teachers of the law said Jesus was blaspheming - as only God had the power to forgive sins. They did not believe Jesus so he had to preform another miracle. He told the man to "pick up his mat" and go home. This proved to them all that Jesus did have the power to forgive and heal (power of God) - Therefore he must be the Son of Man - he refers to himself as this - 2 MIRACLES take place in this story!
5 The Feeding of the 5000 (MK 6:30-44)
5.1 The apostles gathered round Jesus, There were many people coming and going that they did not have a chance to eat. Jesus said "Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest." Jesus told the disciples to give them something to eat, They said it would take eights months of a man's wages. It turned out they only had five loaves and two fish, Jesus told the crowd to sit down in groups of hundreds and fifties. Jesus took the food, gave thanks and broke the loaves (like the priest does during mass).
5.1.1 Everyone had food to eat and there were twelve baskets of broken pieces of bread and fish. The amount of men who had eaten was five thousand.
5.1.2 There were Twelve Baskets of food left over, Twelve is a special number in Mark's Gospel. There are Twelve disciples and each one represents one of the Twelve Tribes in Israel.
6 Blind Bartimaeus (MK 10:46-52)
6.1 They came to Jericho, Jesus was travelling with his disciples. A Blind beggar named Bartimaeus, called out to Jesus: "Son of David take pity on me". He threw off his clock, jumped up and came to Jesus
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