Crow Country: Kate Constable

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Crow Country: Kate Constable
1 Chapter Summary 1
1.1 Chapter 1: pgs 1-7
1.1.1 The Hazzard Family History Ellie used to go to Boort as a young child She would come with relatives and do yabbying and other activities, particularly around the lake
1.1.2 The Ring of Boulders The Crow tells Sadie to leave the ring - is it sacred or secret? Carvings lie beneath the mud Caked in flaky mud, the stones are red underneath Sadie feels she has to "free" the boulders and this is how she discovers the red underneath Boulders are in a ring shape
1.1.3 Conversation with a Crow The Crow knows Sadie while Sadie does not know the Crow Sadie can understand the Crow The Crow speaks in confusing riddles and poetry-like sentences
1.1.4 What is Boort Like? (So Far) The Mud The mud is yellow, dry, flaky and crusty The Empty Lake There is no water left; the lake is empty, dry, bare and deserted Boort is a muddy, dry, old and mysterious place
1.1.5 Why Did Ellie Bring Sadie to Boort? Ellie (Sadie's mum) came to Boort as a child and it fascinates her Ellie assumes that Sadie will love it like she did and does not even ask her what she thinks
1.1.6 What is Boort's History? There is a lot of ruin and destruction Was there once a war or great flood in Boort? Boort has a hidden history with untold stories and secrets below the surface
1.1.7 Who is the Crow? The Crow seems to be a messenger of someone - but who? The Crow is always saying, "Waah! Waah!" But what does this mean? Has black feathers, black eyes and appears like an average, everyday crow you would see around the bush - but it is much more than that
2 Foreword: Crow Country is a spiritual, cultural collaboration for all who love a good story. It is about justice of friendship, respect and reconciliation of People, land and culture.

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