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Ch. 2 pages 8-13
1 What is Boort Like? (so far)
1.1 Paddocks
1.1.1 Pale, parched, empty
1.2 Noise
1.2.1 Frogs and birds
1.3 Silent train tracks, shabby houses, adds for golf clubs and sheep lice medicine, rusty and abandoned rubbish
2 Friendships and Relationships
2.1 Sadie has no new friends yet at school
2.1.1 Kids from school think she is a 'city snob'
2.2 Ellie is trying to make new friends at her work
2.2.1 No time left over for Sadie or house maintenance
2.3 Dad (surname 'Brown') left them
3 Sadie and Ellie's Relationship
3.1 Sadie hates Ellie for taking her away from her friends and her Melbourne life
3.1.1 Sadie wants to 'punish' Ellie by being miserable
3.2 Sadie thinks Ellie talks but never listens
3.2.1 Ellie doesn't care about Sadie's feelings
3.3 Ellie just assumes Sadie will love Boort like she did
4 Sadie's Feelings About Boort
4.1 Sadie thinks Boort is an old dump which is stupid and annoying, and slightly creepy and mysterious
4.1.1 She feels like she should think Boort is terrible because she misses her Melbourne friends, school, house and her old life, but Boort is somewhat fascinating
5 War Memorial
5.1 Lots of names for a small town like Boort
5.1.1 Lots of Mortlock and Hazzard names tell Sadie that her family (the Hazzards) is a part of Boort's history and past, and so are the Mortlocks
6 The Crow
6.1 Seems to always be watching Sadie, wherever she is and wherever she goes

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