WJEC Geography B - Theme 3 Case studies

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WJEC Geography B - Theme 3 Case studies
1 Industry location change
1.1 The fashion manufacturing industry (JAK based in Leicester now outsourcing to Beximco in Dhaka.)
1.1.1 How it changed location? Based in Leicester Outsource to Bexminco in Dhaka, Bangladesh
1.1.2 Why the change in location happened? Large labour force Minimum wage is $0.09 per hour, compared to $10.02 in the UK. Plentiful supply of energy Low tax paid by companies Fewer regulations e.g. health and safety laws, which make it cheaper for a factory to produce goods. In 2013, Bangladesh knitwear factory collapsed in which more than 1000 people lost their lives.
1.1.3 The social economic impacts of the change Impacts on Dhaka Positive multiplier effect Minimum wage workers Money to improve standard of living for themselves and families BUT may have to work long hours in cramped conditions for little pay. Impacts on Leicester Negative multiplier effect Minimum wage workers and their families Loss of job has a negative effect on standard of living and quality of life as they have less disposable income. JAK company owners Able to increase company's profits UK goverment Pressure of benefits system as more people unemployed
2 An MNC
2.1 Nike globally and particularly in Vietnam
2.1.1 Location of different activities around the world Secondary activity: Manufacture in NICs such as Vietnam There are 150 Asian factories manufacturing 350,000 products for Nike There are 34 Nike plants in Vietnam Lower minimum wage Good access to raw materials Some goverments offer incentives such as tax breaks to encourage MNCs to locate there to aid development Less strict laws about polluting the environment Lack of trade unions makes it difficult for workers to strike due to poor conditions
2.1.2 The effect of Nike manufacture in Vietnam Economic impacts on Vietnam Positive Nike pays higher wages than other companies The factories will pay tax so the government benefits Positive multiplier effect Negative Nike could leave at any moment The jobs are mostly unskilled and low pay Social impacts on Vietnam Positive Creates formal employment and regular wages, so people previously employed in the informal sector benefit Sets high standards for other companies Negative The company image and advertising might undermine the culture of Vietnamese people Nike may have a political influence over the goverment
3 Climate change managment
3.1 BedZed, UK law and international agreement
3.1.1 Local scale and views of different groups of people Beddington Zero Energy Development (BedZed) is an environmentally friendly housing development in Hackbridge, London. It is designed to be a sustainable development. the 82 homes and 1,405 square meters of work space were built in 2000-2002.
3.1.2 National scale and views of different groups of people The UK government is Promoting low-carbon technologies Incentives for solar panel installation firms Green subsides on electricity bills to promote the use of sustainable fuels/energy Promoting new fuel efficient cars The UK government wants to protect the UK from the effects of sea level rise Environmental campaign grounds such as WWF as in favour of measures taken to lessen climate change as they are concerned about the loss of species adapted to the UK's climate, e.g. the loss of rare species in Scotland
3.1.3 International scale and views of different groups of people From 1997, most countries in the world agreed to monitor and cut greenhouse gas emissions by signing an international agreement called the Kyoto Protical The government of Maldives Believes that the world needs to tackle climate change to prevent their island being submerged by sea The government of the USA Believes the whole world should take action for the efforts to be noticeable and there is no point if other countries such as China do not do anything to tackle climate change
4 Economic activity and the environment
4.1 Safari tourism in the Masai Mara, south Kenya
4.1.1 Causes of environmental change Tourists Conservational areas Desertification Water cycle damage Animals distubed
4.1.2 Strategies being used to manage the environment Basecamp Masai Mara, opened in 1998, the main tent consists of 16 tents Environmentally sustainable management Tree-top wildlife viewing posts has reduced the need for game drives Most structures can be dismantled Use local materials Extensive use of solar energy and use of energy saving LED bulbs Investment in conservation, no profit for 5 years Solar cooker Waste is separated and composted Dry toilets Supported the planting of an estimated 25,000 tress since 2000, as part of restoring vegetation along the river near Basecamp
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