The Middle Ages

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The Middle Ages
  1. period of history
    1. early middle ages
      1. high middle ages
        1. late middle ages
          1. An era of invasions
            1. germanic people
              1. slavs and mgyars
                1. norsmen or vikings
                  1. for the north and muslims for the south
                  2. landowning nobles
                    1. The Byzantine Empire
                      1. mosaics and icons
                        1. basilicas
                          1. Justinian the Great.
                            1. Byzantine art
                              1. landowning nobles
                                1. emperor
                                  1. The Carolingian Empire
                                    1. Charlemagne
                                      1. emperor
                                        1. counties, marches and duchies.
                                          1. copies of ancient books
                                            1. miniatures
                                              1. Islam and the caliphate
                                                1. Muhammad founded Islam in Arabia.
                                                  1. caliphs
                                                    1. viziers, emirs and the qadis or judges.
                                                      1. The economy was based on livestock and agriculture
                                                        1. the use of irrigation techniques
                                                          1. crops from Asia became
                                                          2. Trade developed greatly and became the main source of wealth.
                                                            1. Muslim cities
                                                              1. Society was divided into Muslims and non-Muslims
                                                                1. Muslim culture were the Arabic language
                                                                  1. religion and customs
                                                                  2. The holy book of Islam is the Koran
                                                                    1. Decorative design is very important in Muslim art
                                                                      1. They used calligraphy, arabesque or foliate ornaments and lattice work
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