Realization of a project

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Steps for the Realization of a project

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Realization of a project
1 STEP 1: WISHES -Imagine a wish. -Use this wish to plan your future, taking into account context, others and me. -Plan what you need for developing the wish, - Dream individually and share with others.
1.1 STEP 2: ACTUAL ACTION - Analyze the actual situation, thinking about what you are doing now to achieve what you want. - Include your and others’ perceptions. - Register your advances, what you changed to be successful.
1.1.1 STEP 3: EVALUATION - Evaluate if your project is going to be successful. - Compare your wish with what you want to develop. - Receive opinions and see the differences from what other want. -Efficacy of the project. STEP 4: PLANNING - Strategies and concrete actions, which could help your projects development. -Apply the 7 P’s that stand for: “Rapidness, possible, practical, precise positive, promising & persistence”
2 Follow the DAEP described before: Dreams, Actions, Evaluation and Plan.
3 Tolerate frustration. Sometimes your actions does not lead to your dreams and they are not successful, you need to persevere and think about more options and strategies.
4 We are the reflection of our actions. This means we need to be responsible, organized and focused; for obtaining better results. It is useful to apply Choice Theory and thinking about others, context and me.
5 You need to be committed to your project in other to accomplish what you dreamed. Your own leadership is important to succeed.
6 Produce projects that are useful, applicable and effective.
7 Avoid improvisation. Searching for information is really important in other to talk about what you know and want to express.
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