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  1. What is Anarchism?
    1. Greek meaning absence of authority or without rulers
      1. Get rid of state = NO state
        1. Protest against state and global governing bodies; State is harmful, undesirable, and unnecessary
        2. Human nature is good = no state needed
          1. Argues for affirmation of the decency of persons, desire for individual freedom and rejection of domination
          2. A Social Movement
            1. Emerge with struggles against feudal system
              1. Individual Anarchism VS. Social Anarchism
                1. Individual Anarchist: emphasizes negative liberty and its opposition to state control over individual (Libertarian ideology)
                  1. Social Anarchist: emphasizes positive liberty, there are more collectivists (focus on community), reject private property (Marxist Ideology)
                  2. Believe in using violence as a means
                  3. Diggers Vs. Levellers
                    1. Diggers- 1600s in England
                      1. Communist farmers
                        1. Wanted economic equality, creating small independent farming communities on common land.
                          1. Everything including finances goes into communal pot
                            1. Social Anarchists
                              1. Reclaiming freedom, creating classless society
                              2. Levellers- 1600s in England
                                1. want equality and suffrage (of ALL men) and religious tolerance (private matter not states)
                                  1. Natural Rights: God made me this way, I have ability to be what I am/want
                                    1. Secular government, freedom of religion
                                      1. Early Socialism
                                    2. Godwin 1756-1836
                                      1. Argued government was corrupting force in society, perpetuating dependency and ignorance; allows state to tell people what to believe, think, and act
                                        1. Wanted to decentralize society with minimal authority; wanted a sharing of goods
                                          1. Municipal state idea
                                          2. With a state, power is in hands of a few, taking away our independence leading to oppression, war and conflict, and the taking away of education system
                                            1. state and institutions have heavy influence; education is important because it shapes our nature, opinions and actions
                                            2. Argued against social contract; only helps white property owning males
                                              1. State existed as an instrument to protect private property
                                                1. This is a problem because once one owns something, they protect it, and create laws = needed state (WRONG)
                                                  1. Private property = polarization of wealth and goods
                                                  2. Marriage is evil, filled with delusions, unrealistic expectations, and allows for the oppression of women (cage)
                                                  3. Free Love Movement
                                                    1. Rejects marriage = social bondage
                                                      1. Do not want state to control sexual matters: marriage, birth control, abortion, adultery and prostitution
                                                        1. This is concern for self and individual
                                                      2. Bakunin 1814-1876
                                                        1. activist anarchist
                                                          1. believe in egalitarian society without social classes and government
                                                            1. Revolutional change should stem from lumpenproletariat; bring insight as they are previously uncontrolled by Capitalism
                                                            2. Issues with State
                                                              1. modern state = aggressive military state
                                                                1. can't replace state with worker state
                                                                  1. One needs complete freedom
                                                                    1. Progres is made with an experience and thought
                                                                    2. Collectivist Anarchism
                                                                      1. Believed in equal means, support, education and opportunity for every child in order to create own well being by own labour
                                                                        1. Spoke against religion; if God existed, it would be necessary to abolish him
                                                                        2. Goldman 1869-1940
                                                                          1. rejects business, church and state
                                                                            1. Capitalism dehumanized workers, advocated strikes, and direct action
                                                                              1. Religion: enemies of the people
                                                                                1. Advocated targeted violence (assassination of rulers)
                                                                                  1. Believed voting is useless; illusion of participation while making the true structures of decision making
                                                                                    1. Promoted free love, birth control, approval of homosexuality
                                                                                    2. Goodman
                                                                                      1. Critical of American society = heavily managed and centralized society; decay of community and destruction of American life.
                                                                                        1. If someone is always planning life, American Dream and freedom is broken
                                                                                        2. Looked at state control with education system, and how state tells us to live (roads, planning etc).
                                                                                          1. Said education is being taught incorrectly
                                                                                            1. Should be hands on, not lecturing but discussion to explore issues, move beyond educators and compulsory attendance
                                                                                              1. If teachers are good, absence would be eliminated
                                                                                            2. Relativist view of Anarchism
                                                                                              1. Goldman wanted women to be liberated and free. She wanted the state to give up power over women (e.g. the right to birth control). She wants women to have equality but sees the state as a barrier to this equality. She did not believe in voting so the first wave feminists would have issue with this idea. Goldman didn't think women gaining the vote would give them the freedom they were fighting for. This is directly against the goal of the first wave (suffrage).
                                                                                                1. Goodman talked about the problems with the state and city planning. He talks about the control of the state in our everyday lives and why this is a problem. We give up too much power to the state.
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