Cohesion in English

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Cohesion in English
1 Reference
1.1 exophora(situational)
1.2 endophora(textual)
1.2.1 anaphora(to preceeding text)
1.2.2 cataphora(to following text)
1.3 personal - I, me, your, mine, our, their, one
1.4 demonstrative - this, these, here, ther, then
1.5 comparative - so, more, such, like, different, other
2 Substitution
2.1 nominal - one, ones
2.2 verbal - do, does, did
2.3 clausal - so, not
3 Elipsis
3.1 an item is substitued by zero
3.2 type of substitution
3.3 nominal, verbal, clausal
4 Conjuction
4.1 additive
4.1.1 and, likewise, also, furthermore, again
4.2 adversative
4.2.1 however, but, yet, though, despite, nevertheless
4.3 causal
4.3.1 therefore, as a result, for, because, hence, consequently
4.4 temporal
4.4.1 then, after(that), before(that), firslt, secondly, at once
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