Good and Evil

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Good and Evil
1 The problem with evil
1.1 If God is all-loving and all-powerful, why is there any such thing as suffering in the world
1.2 Moral Evil
1.2.1 Man made evil, created by human beings
1.2.2 Murder and suffering
1.3 Natural Evil
1.3.1 Evil which we don't have control over, it is caused by mother nature
1.3.2 Earthquakes, volcanos and floods
2 Moral codes
2.1 WWJD: what would Jesus do
2.1.1 Christians would think about this as they want to make the right descions in life
2.2 The 10 commandements
2.2.1 A list of teachings and rules for christians to follow. The way of living in a christian matter
2.3 Parables
2.3.1 Stories such as the lost sheep tell us about christian life
3 The devil (Lucifer or Staan)
3.1 The devil is responsible for evil and suffering in the world
3.2 The devil in the Garden of Eden
3.2.1 The devil came in the form of a serpent, and was used for the symbol of evil
3.2.2 "The serpent deceived me" Genesis 3:13
3.3 The devil was a fallen angel who wanted to out power God
4 Theodicies
4.1 Irenaeus
4.1.1 God created the world, but didn't create it perfect, the world has its faults and that is evil
4.2 Augustine
4.2.1 God created a perfect world with no evil. God did'nt create evil its just the absense of God
5 Suffering
5.1 Suffering is caused by mankind and it is humans using their free will for the wrong reason
5.2 C.S Lewis "suffering is God's megaphone to a deaf world
5.3 Can good come from evil and suffering
5.3.1 Swinburne: we can show courage
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