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the 5 main topics of philosophy

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  1. DEITY
    1. The trinity= the father, son, holy spirit.
      1. God is transcendent,
        1. Creator, judge and god is a king.
      2. KEY WORDS:
        1. Omnibenevolence= all-good
          1. Omnipotent= all-important
            1. Omnipresent= all-present
              1. Omniscient= all-knowing
                1. Natural selection= genectic differences between things (Charles darwin)
                  1. Numinous= a mysterious power that suggests the presence of a spirit or god
                  2. Agnostic= someone who is not sure if there is a god
                    1. Atheist= someone who does not beiev in god
            2. " God made man in his own image"
              1. Arguments for existence
                1. Ontological= " than which nothing greater can be concieved" (Anselm)
                  1. Cosmological= " nothing can come from nothing" (Thomas Aquinas)
                    1. Teleogical= " if there was no designer it would be a state" (William paley)
                      1. Moral= basic understanding of right and wrong this knowledge must of came from god
                  2. Miracles
                    1. Bernadette who had visions of the virgin mary
                      1. Often performed by god or the holy spirit
                        1. jesus healing the sick
                          1. moses and the burning bush
                2. Spiritual expierience
                  1. Private worship
                    1. Christians often do this by themselves
                      1. Some christians do this to build a realationship with God
                        1. Meditate= To empty the mind of thoughts, this is done to concentrate on prayer
                          1. Prayer= a way of communicating with God
                    2. Public worship
                      1. Often done at church or with other people e.g. a bible study
                        1. Eucharist= A christian sacrament which commemorates the last supper
                          1. Sacrament= An outward, physical sign of an inward invisible grace (god)
                            1. Examples= singing hyms, bible readings and worship
                      2. Prayer and meditation
                        1. Rosary beads are set on mysteries= Joyful. sorrowful, glorious, luminous
                          1. Types of prayer= Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication
                            1. LORD'S PRAYER
                        2. Stained glass windows, icons, SISTINE CHAPEL
                          1. Alpha and omega= jesus is the beginning and end of all things
                            1. A fish= jesus christ, son of god, saviour
                              1. A dove= a symbol of peace or the holy spirit
                            2. Chi-rho= first two letters of jesus in greek
                              1. Cross= jesus crucifixion
                                1. Candles= jesus is the light of the world
                            3. Food and Fasting
                              1. Christmas= celebration of jesus birth
                                1. Easter= jesus rising from the dead
                                  1. hot- cross buns
                                    1. Pancakes
                            4. End of Life
                              1. Body and soul
                                1. The soul is a non- physical part of the body
                                  1. The soul goes to heaven or hell
                                    1. Original sin= was brought into the world when eve dis-obyed God
                                2. Life after death
                                  1. Christians believe that jesus will return to the earth
                                    1. Judgement day= when god judges the soul for its life
                                      1. Parable of the sheep and the goat
                                        1. The sheep represent angels and goats represents satan (the devil)
                                    2. Purgatory
                                      1. Roman catholics believe this is where the soul goes to get a spirtual cleansing
                                        1. Redemption= jesus died to save all christians from their sins
                                      2. Funeral rites
                                        1. Christians believe the funeral is mainly for the bereaved
                                          1. " I'am the resurrection and the life"
                                            1. Churches face the rising sun of jerusalem
                                              1. " Ashes to ashes, dust to dust" this is said when the coffin is lowered into the ground
                                      3. Good and Evil
                                        1. Moral evil
                                          1. An evil someone brings upon themselves by their own behaviour. e.g. discrimination
                                            1. Natural evil
                                              1. An evil shown through natural disasters e.g. hurricanes
                                              2. Story of job
                                                1. God took everything away from job to prove to satan that he will be faithful to his religion
                                                2. Ten commandments
                                                  1. "do not murder"
                                                    1. Conscience= a sense of what is right and wrong
                                                  2. Suffering
                                                    1. Christians believe the more you suffer on earth the more you have to look forward to in heaven
                                                      1. A necessary part of life
                                                        1. Without suffering we have nothing to fight for
                                                        2. Suffering is caused by sin
                                                        3. Free will
                                                          1. choosing what actions you take
                                                            1. Original sin
                                                              1. everyone is born with this sin it gets cleansed when a child gets christened
                                                              2. The fall
                                                                1. When adam and eve ate the forbidden fruit
                                                            2. Religion and science
                                                              1. Theories of the world
                                                                1. Big Bang= a massive explosion happened which caused the world to form
                                                                  1. Genesis
                                                                    1. Creation story
                                                                      1. Arguments of existence
                                                                    2. Evolution
                                                                      1. Things adapt to their surroundings over time
                                                                    3. Christians believe god made them stewards of the world
                                                                      1. Stewardship= to look after gods creations
                                                                        1. " Be fruitful and increase in number"
                                                                          1. Christians believe animals have no souls
                                                                            1. life is sacred
                                                                              1. Noah and the ark
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