Software Development!

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Software Development!
  1. TELOS
    1. Technical
      1. Technical Feasibility:
        1. Does the technology exist to do what we want to do?
      2. Economical
        1. Economical Feasibility:
          1. Will it make sense from a financial point of view to develop this software? For example, if it costs more than we'll save over the next 7 years it might not be worth doing.
        2. Legal
          1. Legal Feasibility:
            1. Are there any copyright issues that might stop us going ahead? For example, infringing the patents of another company to bring out a competing profdcut may result in that product having to be withdrawn or compensation being paid.
          2. Operational
            1. Operational Feasibility
              1. Will the users be able to operate it? Will it be practical to use or will people just not bother?
            2. Schedule
              1. Schedule Feasibility
                1. Is it possible to develop this software in the necessary timescale? When does ithe company need it by? A phone app for the 2012 Olympics needed to be ready before it started!
            3. The Waterfall Model
              1. Feasibility Study
                1. Analyse
                  1. Design
                    1. Implement
                      1. Evaluate
                        1. Maintain
                          1. Advantages
                            1. Steps are easy to maintain
                              1. Defined processes and output per step
                                1. Good model for managing large groups of developers working in parallel
                                2. Disadvantages
                                  1. Requirement changes mean going back to an earlier stage that had already been completed
                                    1. Changes can be costly in money and time
                                      1. Lack of customer involvement after "ANALYSIS" means issues are not highlighted until the "EVALUATION".
                                    2. The Cyclical Model
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