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Multi-store model cdcf206d-f323-4e2f-b2a6-cc535b7057b6.jpg (image/jpg) Proposed by Atkinson and Shiffrin, it explains how our memory processes information
Sensory store a8a2d67a-eddc-4ba4-884e-0cee86da43aa.jpg (image/jpg) Receives information from the senses, remains in the store for a brief period. If focused on, the information transfers to the STM
Short term memory 42c784e4-0ee5-4841-8714-6e3045bcca06.jpg (image/jpg) Information disappears quickly if not rehearsed. Capacity = 7(+-2) chunks. Duration = 18-30 seconds.
Long term memory 8de3d058-c5b5-4849-9ce4-ffdfd84cef25.png (image/png) Information travels here from STM with rehearsal, the capacity and duration is unlimited
Semantic memory f91a6b0f-c55d-4c22-bd3c-b740aa6d4f77.jpg (image/jpg) For knowledge about words and the world, gives meaning to words
Episodic memory 9755a2a1-0f98-4f32-85ed-9486749bff4d.jpg (image/jpg) What has happened recently such as what you had for dinner yesterday
Procedural memory acd77f4a-3cff-43b5-9358-cf70096ff0f5.jpg (image/jpg) Memory of activities such as riding a bike or learning to read
Serial position effect c3eb56ac-a48d-45e4-871f-66f97f6f992f.gif (image/gif) Explains that people recall words at the start of a list because it is stored in the LTM (primacy effect), and words at the end because they are still in STM (recency effect)
Central executive 4bda01eb-ef9a-47f8-b68b-a517f3adcfd9.jpg (image/jpg) Part of working memory model - sends information to the right part of working memory, it has limited capacity
Phonological loop b7dda356-2c38-4634-b811-d5a19e8bd5b9.jpg (image/jpg) Component of working memory that processes verbal information
Articulatory control system 2f3d604f-b7ea-4be7-bcbe-93b75188dbbc.jpg (image/jpg) Part of phonological loop, processes verbal words
Phonological store 0d8c2d87-1a97-4c71-9437-07075f6bea3d.jpg (image/jpg) Part of phonological loop, it processes things you hear
Visual-spatial sketchpad 67a7e510-94e9-455b-9f5b-39ada465d570.gif (image/gif) Part of working memory, it holds visual and spatial information (relationship between things e.g maps)
Episodic buffer a6818114-a6a2-4cc2-9574-0234c4466cac.jpg (image/jpg) Part of working memory, it was added in 2000, and integrates information with the other stores, but has limited capacity
Eye witness testimony 69656c92-7ed4-401f-a796-59041251cc87.jpg (image/jpg) Evidence from people who witness an event such as a crime, reporting from their memory
Anxiety 42f65c75-0bea-4371-b014-6d6a2a66f8cc.jpg (image/jpg) An unpleasant emotional state where we fear something bad is about to happen, can influence EWT
Method of Loci ff202a86-dee8-4fd6-b9c8-eb046174aea9.gif (image/gif) A memory improvement technique which creates several neural pathways to memory, making it more likely to be remembered
Chunking 9ef8a2e3-0bec-469b-ad49-9295fcdfc4af.jpg (image/jpg) Dividing a string of information into memorable chunks e.g postcodes
Duration 7b30174d-164b-4b78-8a86-bf2ea57bb586.jpg (image/jpg) A measure of how long a memory lasts before it is no longer available
Capacity 72fbe5dc-6a2b-4495-91a9-d42911aa9222.jpg (image/jpg) A measure of how much information can be held in memory
Word - length effect 0ad14fd4-3f8f-47fa-ad49-91218d59a85f.jpg (image/jpg) Explains that people remember lists of short words better than lists of long words
Misleading questions 5d2ffe53-b733-4e06-8107-0987ef62f8c0.jpg (image/jpg) Hints to the witness what answer is desired
Cognitive interview dda4e13d-ec75-4b47-98cb-eba6686feb85.jpg (image/jpg) A police technique for interviewing witnesses, which lets them recreate what happened in order to access the stored information
Mnemonic f8263469-591e-4566-a049-f02253cf1fe3.jpg (image/jpg) A technique used to help people remember and recall information