'Discoveries and discovering can offer new understandings and renewed perceptions of ourselves.'


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'Discoveries and discovering can offer new understandings and renewed perceptions of ourselves.'
  1. THESIS: Life is a prolonged journey in which one discovers themselves through personal experience and self-examination. This impacts on the extent of one’s self understanding.
    1. TOPIC SENTENCE 1: Discovery can emerge form one’s sense of curiosity, necessity, and wonder in relation to self discovery.
      1. For the Traveller: The first stanza of the poem clearly indicates that the individual is about to embark on a journey, allowing them to enter into 'a world you were never in.' This line in the first stanza of the poem suggests the individuals curiosity to discover themselves once being placed into a new environment.
        1. Raw: In relation to Brett, the protagonist in this novel, he holds no sense of curiosity in relation to self-discovery as he states, "I don't want to follow any stupid rules". In particular, his self-discovery is necessary in order to reform and/or rehabilitate. This leads to an unforeseen understanding of himself.
          1. LIFE OF PI: Upon growing up as a young boy, Pi's mother eventually introduced to the world of religion. He was instantly fascinated by its complex yet riveting ideas about life and humans purpose on Earth.His new found highlighting Pi's yearning for a sense of identity and purpose. EXAMPLE: The comic book stories of the Gods. Dialogue "the God's were my superheroes.' "I came to faith through Hinduism, I found love through Christ.'
          2. TOPIC SENTENCE 2: Through the life journey of an individual, they will inevitably be confronted with various experiences, thus challenging their initial perceptions about themselves and the world.
            1. Life of Pi: Pi's terrifiyng experience at sea, when the great storm sinks the ship which was carrying himself and his immediate family. His prior outlook on God's power and love for humankind was then tested, and he questions God's part in this awful event. Pi continues to struggle in order to survive at sea, as many obstcles are thrown at him. This challenges his need to live.
              1. For the Traveller: The 2nd stanza highlights the juxtaposition placed between 'the old and the new'. 'The old' referring to the individuals normal, everyday life in comparison to the life of travel and potential discovery which will overwhelm them. Upon entry to the new, you may be 'startled'. Those of your old life will remain the same, challenging one's self-worth and the significance of their
              2. TOPIC SENTENCE 3: Once overcoming these personal hurdles, the individual will undoubtedly discover a new found strength within themselves, therefore discovering their true purpose.
                1. Life of Pi: Throughout PI's strenuous journey, he has come to discover that, although having strong doubts in relation to God, and his personal spirituality, his willingness to survive and develop as an individual has strengthened, discovering aspects of himself which he did not know existed. This is captured through his ability to survive with Richard Parker.
                  1. Raw: He is constantly putting himself down with negative comments, which then influences the way he physically behaves, leaving him to believe the pessimistic thoughts which he is feeding himself. Towards the end of the novel, Brett begins to understand the consequences of his actions. He metaphorically states he must no longer “think with his fists”.
                    1. For the Traveller: the end outcome of the journey throughout the poem, reiterates the idea that, whilst letting go of the negatives/past which may consume one's thoughts, it will enable you to open up to new experiences. The journey holds a significant sacred nature, which will allow one's heart to be opened to new opportunities throughout the duration of life.
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