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module 4.2 natural selection


Mind Map on module 4.2 natural selection, created by Noor Haider on 03/25/2019.
Noor Haider
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Noor Haider
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module 4.2 natural selection
  1. natural selection
    1. the process in which an environmental factor acts on a population and results is some organisms having more offspring that can survive to reproduce than others.
    2. selective agent
      1. an environmental factor that acts on a population during natural selection
        1. biotic
          1. bacterial infection
            1. competitor
              1. predator
              2. abiotic
                1. temperature
                  1. water
                    1. soil nutrients
                      1. fire
                  2. selection pressure
                    1. the effect of a selective agent on a population
                    2. sexual selection
                      1. a special case of natural selection in which the environmental factor is the selection of a mate
                        1. species gradually becomes better adapted to its environment
                      2. variation
                        1. differences in characteristics due to different genes.
                        2. resistance
                          1. the inherited ability of a species to withstand chemicals such as pesticides
                          2. antibiotics
                            1. chemicals made by organisms to defend themselves against bacteria
                            2. speciation
                              1. biodiversity
                                1. the number and range of species that exist on earth or in an ecosystem
                                2. the process by which one species splits into two or more separate species
                                  1. variation
                                    1. isolation
                                      1. keeping interbreeding groups apart by some barrier or mechanism.
                                      2. selection
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