The Troubles of Northern Ireland

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The Troubles of Northern Ireland
1 Movements
1.1 civil rights march in Londonderry on 5 October 1968
1.1.1 Battle of the Bogside The Bogside housing estate in (London)Derry descended into three days of violent rioting following the annual Apprentice Boys march.
1.2 Bloody Sunday. On 30 January 1972, a civil rights demonstration through the streets of Londonderry in north-west Northern Ireland ended with the shooting dead of thirteen civilians by the British Army.
1.3 Operation Motorman: 'Motorman' was the name given to a massive military operation by the British Army to reclaim 'no-go areas' set up by republican paramilitaries in towns across Northern Ireland. It was a response to 'Bloody Friday', the Provisional IRA bombing of Belfast 10 days before.
1.4 'Blanket' and 'no-wash' protests in the Maze prison. September 1976 - October 1981
1.4.1 1981 Hunger Strike. IRA prisoners of the Maze prison protested against not being allowed to wear civilian clothes. They went on a hunger strike. 10 people died before it was called off and their demands were met.
1.4.2 1976: Blanket and 'no-wash' protest IRA and INLA prisoners in the Maze prison refused to wear 'convict-like' prison uniforms. They only wore blankets that they were given. In 1978, they were refused a second towel to wash themselves with and, rather than be degraded by having to stand naked in the washrooms, the 'no-wash' protest began
2 Leaders
2.1 Unionists/ Protestants
2.1.1 goal of the unionist and overwhelmingly Protestant majority was to remain part of the United Kingdom
2.2 Catholics
2.2.1 goal of the nationalist and republican, almost exclusively Catholic, minority was to become part of the Republic of Ireland
2.3 Sinn Fein
2.3.1 The political wing of Republicanism and the IRA. Have been associated with terrorism current leader - Gerry Adams
2.4 I.R.A: Irish Republican Army. An underground Irish nationalist organization founded to work for Irish independence from Great Britain. They continue activity aimed at the unification of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland and have been associated with violence.
2.5 Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) -Loyalist Paramilitary Group. Formed primarily in response to IRA, also used violence to help its cause
3 Ideologies
3.1 This was a territorial conflict, not a religious one. At its heart lay two mutually exclusive visions of national identity and national belonging
3.1.1 The main Irish nationalist party was the Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP) founded by John Hume and other supporters of the civil rights movement. The SDLP campaigned against anti-Catholic discrimination in housing and employment. The party supported a united Ireland, but opposed the campaign of violence by republican paramilitaries.

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