System life cycle

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System life cycle
  1. Analysis
    1. The end-user’s requirements should be determined and documented, what their expectations are for the system, and how it will perform. A feasibility study will be made for the project as well, involving determining whether it’s organizationally, economically, socially, technologically feasible. it’s very important to maintain strong communication level with the clients to make sure you have a clear vision of the finished product and its function.
    2. Design
      1. The design phase comes after a good understanding of customer’s requirements, this phase defines the elements of a system, the components, the security level, modules, architecture and the different interfaces and type of data that goes through the system.
      2. Development and testing
        1. This phase produces the software under development. Depending on the methodology, this phase may be conducted in time-boxed “sprints,” (Agile) or may proceed as a single block of effort (Waterfall.) Regardless of methodology, development teams should produce working software as quickly as possible.
          1. -Code quality, Unit testing (functional tests), integration testing, performance testing, security testing.
        2. Implementation
          1. The new system is introduced in phases (stages, or steps), gradually replacing parts of the old system until eventually, the new system has taken over.
          2. Documentation
            1. The user documentation is intended to help the users of the system. The users are usually non-technical people, who don't need to know how the system works. They just need to know how to use it.
            2. Evaluation
              1. Is the post-implementation review. This phase identifies whether the system meets the initial requirements and objectives. This is when the system is evaluated for weaknesses. The objective of the evaluation phase of the systems development life cycle is to deploy the system and train the system end users.
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