Basic English tenses

Mariola Hejduk
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Mindpam showing basic tenses in English with examples

Mariola Hejduk
Created by Mariola Hejduk about 4 years ago
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Basic English tenses
1 Future
1.1 'will'
1.1.1 I'll see my friend tonight.
1.2 'to be going to'
1.2.1 I'm going to buy some wine for dinner.
2 Present
2.1 Present Simple
2.1.1 I go to church every Sunday.
2.2 Present Continuous
2.2.1 The birds are singing outside my window now.
3 Past
3.1 Past Simple
3.1.1 I was in London in 2013.
3.2 Past Continuous
3.2.1 The birds were singing outside my window.
3.3 Present Perfect
3.3.1 I have lived in England for 10 years.
3.4 Present Perfect Continuous
3.4.1 I have been doing my homework since 6 o'clock.

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