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Mind Map on Veterinarian, created by JORDAN O'CONNOR on 12/03/2014.
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  1. Secondary Requirements:
    1. Everyone must complete four years of veterinary school to earn a D.V.M.
      1. Capella University, Kaplan University, and Stanford Brown
        1. It may be hard to get a D.V.M. because there are only 28 veterinary schools in the U.S.
        2. Post Secondary Options:
          1. Tufts University
            1. Auburn University
              1. Purdue University- West Lafayette
              2. Tufts University
                1. GPA- 3.70
                  1. ACT and SAT 30%
                    1. Recommendation Letter: A one page supporting letter that substantiates your evaluation on the stanard VMCAS recommendation form is very important. While this requires added time and effort it provides them with critically needed information
                      1. Tuition per year- $46,440
                        1. Room and board charge- $6,317
                          1. Supplies and other equipment estimates at about $2,100 a year.
                            1. Payoff: 9 years and 3 months
                              1. Interest paid: $8,816
                                1. They have Financial aid and many scholarships that you can have an opportunity to do
                                  1. Exams: North American Veterinary Licensing Exam
                                  2. Hours Worked: A vet will make $61.70 to $75.00 to an hour depending on the job
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