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ToK Essay
1 Areas of knowledge
1.1 Natural science
1.1.1 Claim
1.1.2 Counterclaim
1.1.3 It´s the human nature to have a driving force of having the will of continue to explore things
1.2 History
1.2.1 Claim same as the KQ: Emotion is a reason of seeking knowledge Granma´s childhood I want to know what happen due to that I have an intrest in/ am curious how they lived when they were in my age
1.2.2 Counterclaim Emotion is not a reason of seeking knowledge
1.2.3 What role does empathy play in the historian´s work?
2 Title
2.1 1. There is no such thing as a neutral question. Evaluate this statement with reference to two areas of knowledge.
2.1.1 Knowledge question To what extent do peole have a cause/purpose of increasing/broaden/extend/enlarge their/seeking knowlegde? Asking questions when seeking If a person has a purpose of asking a quesiton, is it then a neutral question? To what extent is emotion a reason of seeking knowledge? Is emeotion a dirivng force of seeking knowledge If emotion is involved, can then a question be neutral?
3 Word boundries
3.1 Total: 1600
3.1.1 Introduction: 200 Claim/area: 300 Counterclaim/area: 300 Conclusion: 200
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