Computer Hardware

Robyn Shackleton
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Mind Map on Computer Hardware, created by Robyn Shackleton on 12/05/2014.

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Robyn Shackleton
Created by Robyn Shackleton almost 5 years ago
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Computer Hardware
1.1 central processing unit
1.2 responsible for handling instructions it receives from hardware and software
1.3 processor speed measured in gigahertz (GHz) this is the number of fetch-execute cycles a processor can perform per second
1.4 dual-core means it contains two CPUs quad-core means it contains four CPUs
1.5 The CPU carries out all the processing in a computer.
2 Cache Memory
2.1 Cache memory is special high speed memory used by a computer.
2.2 Data that is in use is transferred into the cache memory to make access to it faster.
2.3 Similarities with RAM: Both volatile (lose all data when power is switch off). Both used as main memory (primary memory), cache is used to store data waiting to be processed.
2.4 Differences with RAM: Cache memory is faster, works at the same speed as the CPU. Is also lot smaller (MBs rather than GBs).
3 Binary Logic
3.1 AND, OR, NOT
3.2 Logic gate: A Circuit that produces an output based on the inputs
3.3 Truth table: A method for recording all the possible input combinations and determining the output for each
3.4 Logic Circuit: A circuit made by combining a sequence of logic gates
3.5 Boolean Algebra: A Method for expressing mathematically a logic circuit
4 Secondary Storage

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