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Walden Chapter 4: Sounds


Mind Map on Walden Chapter 4: Sounds, created by Aziz Hanna on 04/08/2019.
Aziz Hanna
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Aziz Hanna
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Walden Chapter 4: Sounds
  1. Thoreau believes that a person should be alert and open to nature.
    1. He spends most of his time enjoying his surroundings rather than reading, writing, or working.
    2. There is a railroad next to Thoreau's house. Every time it passes by it reminds him that civilization is nearby.
      1. He says both that the sound of the train refreshes him and that he is repelled by its smoke and steam and hissing.
        1. When it passes him, he is alone again.
        2. Thoreau's new lifestyle frees him from any worries and responsibilities in his life.
          1. He admires the simplicity of his life and how little belongings he owns.
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