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GCSE Geography Urban Topic. Author got an A on this topic.

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Urban topic
1 Key words and definitions
1.1 Megacity
1.1.1 A city of 10 million or more people Eg London
1.2 Urbanisation
1.2.1 The process of urban growth
1.3 Urban Sprawl
1.3.1 Outward growth of urban areas
1.4 Suburbs
1.4.1 Outlying districts of a town or a city often dominated by housing Bussage being a suburb to stroud
1.5 Smog
1.5.1 mixture of smoke and fog Los Angeles has a cloud of smog hanging over it
1.6 Tsunami
1.6.1 tidal wave caused by a undersea earthquake Japan
1.7 Flood plain
1.7.1 Low lying area next to a river which is vulnerable to flooding Houses of parliament on river Thames
2 Increasingly Urban World
2.1 Causes of Urbanisation
2.1.1 Rural-Urban Migration
2.1.2 Poor Socio-Economic conditions
2.1.3 Natural Disasters
2.1.4 lack of land ownership in rural areas
2.1.5 many migrants aged 15-35 which further adds pressure due to high birth rates
2.1.6 seeking work and entertainment
3 Environmental hazards
3.1 Smog
3.2 Photochemical Smog
3.3 Bronchitis
3.4 Sustainable
3.5 Curitiba
3.5.1 Don't allow slums to develop
4 Natural Hazard
4.1 Los Angeles & San Francisco
4.1.1 Multi hazard areas
4.1.2 San Andreas Fault
4.2 Managing the threat of flooding in Urban areas
4.2.1 2007 Summer Floods
4.2.2 Most are Unsustainable Plans
5 Reducing Deprivation in Urban areas in MEDC's
5.1 Measuring and understanding problems of area
5.2 Improving housing, health and education
5.3 Building Community Spirit
6 Managing Movement in Urban areas
6.1 Cambridge guided Busway
6.1.1 dedicated to buses only
6.1.2 Advantages Requires less land Land between guide beams can be left open for drainage No other vehicles may use the track Smoothness improves ride
6.2 Manchester Metrolink
6.3 Curitiba's Bus Rapid transport system- BRTS
6.3.1 4 elements
7 Urban growth in LEDCs
8 Responding to Challenges of UG in Developing Countries
10 Greenhouse development
11 Improving Urban Environments
12 Britains Eco-towns
13 Cities for 21st century

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