3g - Wireless Communication Methods

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3g - Wireless Communication Methods
1 Bluetooth
1.1 Has a range of 10 meters
1.2 Line of sight is not required
1.3 Currently 3Mbps on its own
1.3.1 Or 24Mbps using v3 or v4
1.4 Applications
1.4.1 Headset for mobile phones
1.4.2 Transferring files between phones
1.4.3 Using a laptop as a modem or transferring files
1.5 Advantages
1.5.1 Licence isn't required
1.5.2 Line of sight isn't required
1.5.3 Can use a pass-key
1.6 Disadvantages
1.6.1 Slow data transfer rate
1.6.2 Limited range
1.6.3 Only one connected device at a time
2 Radio
2.1 A protocol for wireless communication
2.1.1 802.11b
2.1.2 802.11g
2.1.3 802.11n
2.2 Applications
2.2.1 Wireless laptops in an organisation
2.2.2 Wireless access in hotels, internet cafes etc.
2.2.3 Laptops/ computers in the home
2.2.4 Mobile phones/ tablets
2.2.5 Games Consoles
2.2.6 Printers
2.3 Advantages
2.3.1 No need for cables
2.3.2 Device not restricted by location
2.3.3 Line of sight not necessary
2.3.4 Compatible standards
2.4 Disadvantages
2.4.1 Restricted transfer rates for networks
2.4.2 Restricted range
2.4.3 Security issues
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