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middle aged adult (40-60 years)
1 Developmental tasks
1.1 accepting adjusting to the physical changes
1.2 reviewing and redirecting career goals
1.3 achieving desired performance in career
1.4 developing hobbies and leisure activities
1.5 adjusting to aging parents
1.6 coping with an empty nest at home
1.7 helping and relating to spouse as a person
2 Physical development
2.1 both men and women experience decrease hormonal production
2.2 Menopause refer to the change of life in women.
2.3 Climacteric (andropause) refer the change of life in men.
3 Psychosocial development
3.1 Should establish and maintaining an economic standard of living
3.2 Adjusting and accepting to the physiologic changes & aging parents
3.3 Feel comforting and respect self
3.4 Physical function and capabilities decrease with age but mental and social capacities tend to increase
3.5 Middle age crisis
3.5.1 begin to look critically at themselves and their families. he will begin to reassess who he is and what is his role
3.5.2 Marriage may survive if the couple is mature enough
3.5.3 The self evaluation leads to the fear of losing ones sexuality. Women experience this in their later 30s and men in their 40 s.
3.6 Empty nest
3.6.1 children may leave home to form a family of their own, This empty nest leaves parents alone as couple again. Some couple may find this a positive experience ,they find more time for shared activities
3.6.2 may cause conflicts in the relationship
3.6.3 it is difficult for the parent who was involved only in child rearing
3.6.4 Divorce may result if adjustment is not achieved
3.7 Adjustment to aging parents and grandparent role
3.7.1 the time when many individuals assume more responsibility for caring their aging parents. Once the parents are dead, the middle aged adult thinks of life in terms of time left to live rather than time since birth
3.7.2 Maintaining good relationships with grand children can promote growth and development of both grand children and grandparent
3.8 Work
3.8.1 Self evaluation includes ones work. the person who has been successful may become bored with success People who haven’t achieved this may become frustrated with low self esteem
3.8.2 During the later part of middle age, they begin planning for retirement
4 Physiological, Reproductive & Cognitive changes
4.1 Physiological changes: Appearance, Musculoskeletal system, Cardiovascular, Sensory perception Metabolism, Gastrointestinal system, Urinary system.
4.2 Reproductive changes: In FEMALES, irregular menstruation and decreased amount of flow. Decreased hormones . absence of menstruation for one year is considered as menopause experience hot flashes & emotional changes. In MEN significant decrease in sex hormones. psychological problems that men experience are related to their fear of getting old and to retirement, boredom and finances
4.3 Cognitive changes : Intelligence level remains generally constant.
5 Health problems and maintaining healthy adulthood
5.1 Psychosocial care: needs help to pass through the middle age crisis & encouraged to cope positively with the changes
5.2 Health Problems: Accidents because of decrease visual acuity. Cancer Cardiovascular disease Obesity: decrease metabolic rate and decrease physical activity.
5.3 maintaining healthy adulthood: NUTRITION: there is less demand for calories. Saturated fat from animal sources should be decreased or eliminated. Exercise: it improves the circulation and respiratory efficiency. The type of EXERCISE will vary according to the age and medical condition of the individual.
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