Map Elements

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Izzy DiPietro-Harvey
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Mind Map on Map Elements, created by Izzy DiPietro-Harvey on 12/11/2014.

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Map Elements
1 Compass Rose
1.1 May show the four cordinal points or North,South,East,West. Sometimes when they will show intermeoliate points such as North East, South East, South West, and North West.
2 Key + Legend Map
2.1 Shows information needed to be able to understand the map. Show definition of symbols used on maps but sometimes includes scale or compass
2.2 Quality map-easy to find , clear to read. Not to big but not to small.
2.2.1 High Quality- clear and creative
3 Labels
3.1 Labels are the words that show something with a specific name ( streets or rivers)
3.2 Labels can also be used to represent something if there is only one of it, instead of making up a symbol to just represent one thing.
4 Map grid
4.1 the map will be used to find locations. A grid and index is common in an atlas and on road maps. Sometimes maps will use more of a basic grid with numbers or letters.
4.2 The map grid is set of vertical and horizontal lines over laid on the map. Not all maps use a grid and index .
5 Scale
5.1 Shows the map reader how the distance on the map compares to the distance in the real world.
5.2 A scale shows the distance of something.
6 Map Index
6.1 A,B,C, Order
6.2 numbers next to names of citys
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