character of New France Society - Decapitation vs. Changing Masters

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character of New France Society - Decapitation vs. Changing Masters
1 decapitation
1.1 French connection was necessary and beneficial to start
1.1.1 France provided money and provided an export for goods
1.1.2 arrets de Marly
1.2 society of New France was not a carbon copy
1.2.1 Filles de Roi chose whether and to whom to marry creating social movement
1.2.2 decreased punishments and enforcements due to frontier conditions
1.2.3 decreased taxes and tithes
1.2.4 boys didn't often join the clergy
1.2.5 illegal trading, circumventing decrees, and initiation of industry
1.2.6 social distinctions blunted
1.2.7 access to fish and wild life for peasants
1.2.8 seigneurs had no official military role
1.2.9 seigneurs mad money through military, trade and government
1.2.10 role of church limited
1.3 bourgeoisie arose
1.3.1 Intendents were members of the new aristocracy and had a lot of power
1.3.2 poorer non-noble seigneurs
1.3.3 Assemblies and chambers of commerce could act as pressure groups for government
1.3.4 society entrepreneurial
1.3.5 indigenous class reinvested in colony
1.3.6 materialism arose
1.3.7 not priest ridden or particularly religious church was the handmaiden of the government - didn't dominate Limited parishes due to lack of money and clergy coureurs de bois not agrarian role of church limited
1.4 after conquest
1.4.1 bourgeoisie left
1.4.2 chopped off connection with France and economic leadership
1.4.3 upset by British merchants dominating, not bourgeois views
1.4.4 became inward looking
1.4.5 church took over leadership mystified rural way of life Devil = city and fur trade
2 Changing masters
2.1 French connection was colonial only
2.1.1 ensured necessities for stable communities were provided ex/ hospitals
2.1.2 any imperial power could step in and do the job
2.2 feudal society
2.2.1 stuck in societal level
2.2.2 entrepreneurship did not exist
2.3 no idigenous bourgeoisie
2.3.1 focus on expansion and economic gain and initiative of France to limit rivals
2.3.2 economic development directed by French interests no interest in colony improvement
2.3.3 little industry developed
2.4 church dominated
2.4.1 law to be part of Catholic Church
2.4.2 Church presided over every stage of life
2.4.3 churches values and prejudices permeated law
2.4.4 fines for blasphamy, ban on non-religious books
2.4.5 society was rural and religious
2.5 after conquest
2.5.1 little impact on economy would have left with the money anyways
2.5.2 another imperial power stepped in
2.5.3 resented bourgeois not Anglo-AMericans
2.5.4 church continued to dominate
2.5.5 feudal values continued to prevail

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