War of 1812

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War of 1812
1 cause
1.1 native policy on the frontier and rights of neutral shipping on the high seas
1.2 increasing tax, policy that inhibited manufacturing growth
1.3 laws that forced importers/exporters to rely on British shipping
1.4 American expansionist desires
1.5 setting aside Ohio for FN and ban of settlement in Newfoundland
2 reaction
2.1 Upper Canada
2.1.1 most opposed breaking links with Britain
2.1.2 minority supported and moved back to US
2.1.3 others remained neutral
2.1.4 others waited to see who had advantage
2.2 Lower Canada
2.2.1 squabbles between Parti Canadien and Governor were set aside to unite for defense
2.3 Maritimes
2.3.1 did not have to face invading armies
2.3.2 economy was stimulated for being suppliers of war
2.3.3 Napolean's blockade of Baltic timber boosted economy
2.3.4 Increased privateering against French ships
2.3.5 more immigration
3 role in perpetuating myth
3.1 myth has occurred that makes it seem that all Loyalists were colonial elites with unshakable loyalty to Britain, committed to liberal principles and had faced unspeakable violence and hardship
3.2 myth was useful in providing English Canadians with an identity
3.3 benefitted Loyalists to exaggerate for land grants and government positions
3.4 some returned when safe or fought for US in war
3.5 other British immigrants just as Loyal
3.6 not first anglaphones or only Libralists

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